Thursday, October 22, 2015

Biased and Humiliating : News24 Debates over Asharam Bapu

This is in context of debate organized by a TV Channel "News 24" over Asharam Bapu case, titled "5 Ki Panchayat". It telecast-ed on 21st Oct 2015, a copy of which has been uploaded on you tube too. News24 has been hosting such talks since over 2 years, and somehow they always focus on stories and selective facts which could portray Asharam Bapu in bad light. Their agenda for yesterday was "Why was so much money being burnt on Asharam Bapu ?"

Asharam Bapu, confident and smiling


The Agenda introduced sums of 8 crores, 150 police officials to have been used for court proceedings of Asharam Bapu. They did not provide any official verification for this amount. Neither was the source/ expenditure break up introduced. Anchor gave a value, we were supposed to treat it as absolute truth. 

Panel Members
1. Anchor 

2. Rekha Aggarwal, Sr Advocate

3. Neelam Dubey, Spokesperson
Asharam Bapu has done a lot for hinduism, says H S Rawat

5. Deepak Dubey

So, as you would notice the ratio of this panchayat stands as 4:1 , only one member has been invited to speak in support of Asharam Bapu, all others usually rant against him, which shows how biased the show has been from start.

You may be wondering why i have included anchor in any group, for or against. But then, News24 channel is facing impending court proceedings due to morphed video it aired on its channel. The case was registered by person, directly insulted there-in. So its natural humane expression that News24 is miffed and wants to revenge insult Asharam Bapu's followers and organization. Oh you didn't get it ? News24 aired a carefully doctored video of asharam bapu. Catch it here


How they treated Neelam Dubey ???


1. She was never given independence to speak over issues. A pre determined question was first developed by anchor in collabration with other panelists, then Neelam Dubey was accused for the issue and then in octaves two level high, anchor almost slammed her to answer that question ?

2. When, she to her credit asked about source of dubious claims made by channel such as 2 Lakhs was used when Asharam Bapu travelled from Jodhpur to Old Delhi Station via train, 15 crores have been spent till date. She was immediately attacked by anchor over raising this issue > She was told she is engineering tactics to avoid answering questions. (If she had to avoid answering, why would she agree for a 4:1 panel, sorry war zone ?)

3. When after getting no response from anchor over verification of these figures, she called channel to be intentionally misleading, her sound connection was immediately cut. She was speaking but no one was made to hear it. Can you imagine, a channel cuts someone's voice when she asked for verification/source of the agenda, she is expected to debate upon.

4. Neelam Dubey was called upon to speak sub-subserviently and docilely so as to maintain her image of Asharam Bapu's spokesperson. All other panelists however were free to behave as they wished. All restrictions just for Asharam Bapu.


Other Panelists


I wish to comment on what H S Rawat said, that Asharamji has done a lot for Hindu religion and if he's innocent law would prove it. Also, Rekha Aggarwal cautioned the supporters not to create a law and order situation, to which i completely agree. However, she could have verified the fact if the supporters actually led to any such thing based on ground reports. But then anchor was serving these facts as some immortal and unquestioned truths. Dont even get me started on anchor, its better i keep my mouth shut.

Over course of debate/mud slinging/ war zone/ no peace zone.... When Neelam Dubey questioned Rekha over fact that Tarun Tejpal, claused under same 376 rape law is out on bail, and person who happily murdered people by driving their vehicles over them are out on bail, Rekha only told 2 cases cant be compared. Yaa, after all one is related to Congress, other to underworld , how do we compare them ?

I intend to do a follow-up on agenda raised by News24, on this blog where at least i'm sure my views wont be cut out.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Asaram Bapu did not touch the girl (Original Medical Reports)

Probably for the first time, we present in the original medical reports of accuser girl who alleged attempt to molestation on Asharam Bapu. The girl, surprisingly enough tells tales of harassment and use of force and misbehavior that lasted on for more than a hour and an half. Not surprisingly enough, medical report plain negated her statements. SEE HOW ?
medical report, no rape, attempt, asaram bapu framed ?
As evident, from highlighted passages, there is No physical assault and penetration. This medical report was conducted by Dr Shalija Verma of LokNayak Hospital, Delhi. She was government or in this case Jodhpur Police appointed medical officer. Yet, first page of this medical report clearly affirms no assault.

Also, Swami Nithyanand, over course of one of his discourses has said that,Asaram Bapu is innocent and kept his views based on legal consultancy and after analyzing medical reports.

" I'm telling you very clearly. I have consulted with some of the doctors who usually give these medical reports. I spake to some of them and asked their legal opinion based on their medical report. They said, Swamiji based on medical report we are 100% sure there is neither rape nor attempt rape. Not even sexual assault. Because a minor's skin will be very soft, if an assault is there the mark will be there for at least next 3-4 days.They said no rape happened. No attempt rape. "
Coming back to medical reports, it further states that there is no signs of either sexual assault or physical assault. Also, her hymen was found intact. This medical report was conducted on 20th Aug 2013, days before he was Asharam Bapu was finally arrested. Pretending to be a routine questionnaire, he was taken by police to Jodhpur. Hours after he took names of Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi as people who are trying to frame him up in crime, he was finally arrested and has not been let out till today.

No assault hymen intact accuser girl lying ?
Its strange when, one such important piece of evidence is completely shunned away from general public both by media and investigating authority. In spite of zero evidence, rape clauses have still been charge-sheeted by Jodhpur police. We live in such democracy today where convicted Salman Khan or Lalu Prasad Yadav are not just let go by media houses but are in fact venerated and also promoted. But using same instruments, we wish to convict Asharam Bapu here with no proof. This medical report will surely play an important role in the court, if and when it is fully recognized for what it is : NO RAPE BY ASHARAM BAPU

Oh! I almost forgot : fact that jailing Asharam Bapu would impart a huge blow to Hindu community and its religious face worldwide is of no importance. Consequently, task of reconverting those thousands of tribals who were still in Hinduism, due to altruism of Asaram Bapu organizations would become way too easy, holds no legal implications. So ignore it.

Here Comes Another BABA

Guys Its raining allegations over Babas. So our next entrant to the list is "Sarathi Baba". Ok... Who ? Basically, he is one preacher from state of Odisha in India. Of course, the media has already elevated him to status of Self-proclaimed godman, controversial, second avatar of Krishna (self-attested by media) and for the rest do use your imagination. This stuff is really getting boring, come on media not every preacher in India is you know self proclaimed godman. For that matter, i do not even know what godman means;

Yes steering back the talks to the allegations, what actually has been alleged is that this babaji was spotted wearing Jeans and T-Shirt. 2 minute silence for all seculars please.
No, technically speaking that's not the major issue here. The list is long and continually growing.

Lets delve in detail. All this started when News 7 in last week of July, 2015 aired still photos and footage from Hyderabad Hotel, alleging Mr Sarathi stayed there for few days along with a female accompany, they also showed copies of Non-Vegetarian food and liquor billed to their Room No. This is what we could say is the initial basic framework. The duo had spent three days in the four-star hotel and the godman had presented his voter ID card as identity proof while checking in, the report claimed.

What followed next was beyond any logical reasoning. I say so not to defend Sarathi Baba but just to point out the timeline of events which has just so easily been overlooked (intentionally?) by all of us. If this man stayed with another female for a week in Hyderabad. What's the problem? Before u start labeling me as pervert, immoral, stupid and blind follower lemme elaborate. 

* Legally speaking, two adults staying together with mutual consent, is not a crime under any clause. The lady who was introduced as his first wife during hotel check in could have raised an alarm during any day of their stay or in flight. There is no proof of abduction or harassment. From the initial reporting it looks very much mutual.

* Bills for non-vegetarian food and liquor were charged to same room he had been staying in. These bills could easily be faked both by hotel authority and media. Has it got Baba's signatures on it ?

* With all these hullabaloo regarding ban on sale/consumption on meat, now we have a protest over its consumption. Well, redefine hypocrisy please.

* He has readily accepted he regularly wears western outfits but to evade being recognized and mobbed at public place. Which  is completely sensible. Also, he has presented his actual IDs both in flights and hotel, even media affirms it. Then where's the question of hiding ?

* All i am suggesting is, if the baba has actually stayed with a lady and consumed such foods. The final call lies with his adamant followers, his wife, his son. Not in any way with media. If baba is found unfit for spiritual position he has claimed over himself as spiritual guide for many, his followers can shun him and go. Why Jail over this ?

As claimed by media

The case as it stands today is murkier and messy at best. The same woman who had stayed with him has now filed two FIRs against his organization. "ADGP, Crime Branch, B K Sharma said the woman alleged that she was asked by another woman who identified herself as a CBI officer to file the first FIR" reports Indian Express / Cached .Wow ! She filed an FIR just because someone on phone told her to. Also, she states in FIR, she had been forced by Sarathi’s women associates to file the initial FIR.

* Zee News (Original / Cached) reports Sarathi has been booked under various section of IPC including 420 (cheating), 120(B) criminal conspiracy and 341 (wrongful restraint) as well under the Arms Act and SC/ST Act. Call me dumb, but please could someone explain how staying overnight with that lady leads to Arms Act or SC?ST act. Someone. Anyone.

* At time of actual recording of statements, the lady has evolved her story to, "The woman, a final year student of SCB medical College here, had filed an FIR against four persons accusing them of blackmailing her for over four months and forcing her to accompany the Baba to Hyderabad where she spent three nights with him in the first week of July." as reported here / cached. Mind you, she finally understood she was being 'threatened' and 'forced' only after a media house revealed it all and state saw huge uproar and unrest. Not in flight, not in hotel, not even after returning back.

Congress volunteers

Currently, both he and his son have been arrested since Aug 8 and Aug 19. Son, over some financial interrogations. If you would google in his name, which you are probably doing right now : Allegations by ex-devotees, Gupt Sewa, Palang Sewa, Gold, Money is all you will be allowed to notice. No one takes time to even verify such reporting. He has also been charged with 2-3 more FIRs by once now ex followers. Some alleging rape 2 years back. From claims of holy materialization, actual biological mother, brain washing, blind followers, you name it - Sarathi Baba now has it.

My point is why has it all started so suddenly, in such synchronization. Who is behind it ?

Disclaimer : I have never met, seen, listen to, followed, visited Sarathi Baba or any of his ashram. I usually observed him on various TV channels while surfing between the channels. His popularity was on high since past years and continually increasing. After many years, Sarathi Baba may be convicted or pronounced innocent. I do not vouch for his innocence. I only highlight such events, which should have been found bizarre in any other context or in any other country or when associated with any other religion.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Divya Prerna Prakash : What's the controversy ?

About the Book :

The book on its initial pages carries on the following foreword and word of introduction about the book : Divya Prerna Prakash.
" Many good persons have been degraded by following the Freudian psychology, whereas many ordinary people have become great by following the Yoga psychology of Patanjali. ‘The Secret of Eternal Youth’ is a book based on the psychology of Rishi Patanjali. It must be read without fail. As you read this book, you will gradually get divine inspiration and light. You must not only read this book five times yourself but should also carry out the divine service of distributing it to others. This book provides moral understanding to the youths and helps them to get rid of their evil sex habits bringing about a divine transformation in their lives. So you too carry out the noble service of distributing this book to 2-5 people without fail. It will be considered a service to the nation and mankind as a whole, nay, to God Himself "
This book is published and marketed by Asaram Bapu ashrams, as a effective means of countering rampant moral degradation amongst youth of India following blind western following and in absence of appropriate guardianship.

The Controversy :

Recently, many news articles have reported this book to instead being a book which induces sex, enlargement of sexual organs, safe sex and tips on sex. Must i remind them, that's the work of our esteemed journal houses and main stream media. The voice which remains mum on nude cover photos of India Today Magazines and blatant advertising of sexual products on back pages of Dainik Bhaskar, the voice which happily lauds pervert conversation and ideas on AIB Knockout is the voice that wishes to calm and destroy down any voice that urges Indians to be honest with their family and increase self control.

Anti Jindu allergy of Indian Media

Lies and Distortion

As opposed to media reports that the book is on sex tips and sexual practices. The book actually compiles stories from Mahabharat, Works of Patanjali, Upanishads and stories from life of other great scholars. We present few excerpts from the book for your analysis :

"The present education system - a legacy of the British colonial regime - is completely indifferent towards moral values. Consequently, today’s students start leading an unrestrained and indulgent life, even as bachelors. There is also a growing tendency among today’s youth to blindly imitate western conduct and manners. Thus they indulge in fashion, impure eating, immoral behaviour, bad company, vulgarity, cinema, etc., thereby suffering a gradual degeneration. They are becoming weak and lustful. Their sorry state indicates their complete ignorance about the glory of brahmacharya."
Continuing on, it quotes Swami Ramatirth's works and draws an interesting parallel from a survey conducted in Cambridge University.

"When Swami Rama Tirtha was a professor, he had drawn a list of successful and unsuccessful students which brought him to the conclusion that those students, who were engrossed in base pleasures during the examination days or immediately before the examination, were often unsuccessful - even though they were considered to be good students in the class. On the other hand, all those students whose minds were pure and focused during the examination days, were successful.

A survey conducted in the colleges of Britain’s world famous ‘Cambridge University’ also gives a warning to unrestrained students. Accordingly, those colleges in which the students led an unrestrained life overindulging in promiscuity, showed poorer results compared to those in which the students were more restrained.  To control sexual desire is a Herculean task. That is why Manu Maharaj states, “One should not sit even with his own mother, sister, or daughter in solitude. The sense organs are not easily controllable and may lead to the downfall of even wise people.”

Press Note by Neelam Dubey, Spokesperson

We are also attaching English translation of a press note given by Neelam Dubey, Spokesperson - Asharam Bapu Ashrams regarding this book and controversy.

Neelam Bubey releases note to Dabang Dunia
Dabang Reporter, Do not spread lies

Article: 'Do not spread lies about Divya Prerna Prakash'
Synopsis: Spokesperson for Sant Asharam Bapu Ashram has criticized media created controversy around competitions being organized in schools around Divya Prerna Prakash. In one such statement, spokesperson for the Ashram has said - Contents of Books being distributed propel kids towards physical, intellectual, mental up-being and health and brings in moral and character stability. Books include various techniques for rejuvenating and enhancing life force, secrets for success during stressful exam conditions. It also includes the value and importance of cultural values, respecting parents, health tips, Yoga and eating time and habits.

Read it Yourself :

Publishers have made the book online in both English and Hindi, which is also available for free on Google Play Books. May i urge my vigilante readers to read it yourself before swaying in to media reports published from vested agendas,

Secret of Eternal Youth  : Read Online
दिव्य प्रेरणा प्रकाश : Online
Google Play Store : Hindi
Kindle Edition : Hindi
Google Books : English